Electronics and metal projects and repairs

Hello. This will be my web notebook for various build and repair projects. Build projects include metal shop tools and hardware, as well a electronics, including tube gear.

Many repairs I do are on products from un-cooperative manufactures where schematics and technical support is intentionally restricted, so I hope the information I present here will be useful to others.

3 thoughts on “Electronics and metal projects and repairs

  1. Hi, I purchased Yuriys Touch DRO mixed signal bluetooth kit and have now decided to go with magnetic quadrature scales similar to yours. I have tried twice to ask Yuriy about supplying the quadrature firmware in a new micro but I don’t get any reply. Would you consider ‘burning’ a chip for me for a price?


  2. Hi Bob – It would take a fair amount of work and time for me to burn a chip because it’s been several years since I built this and don’t remember what I did. I just use it now and have not had to mess with it. I do recall that I bought an MPS430 launchpad board and programmed the chip using instructions on Yuriy’s site. After doing that, I moved the chip to my purple board. As I recall, programming the chip with the Launchpad board was no more difficult that the rest of the project. Is that something you are unable to do?


    • Thank you for your post.
      Yes, I will have a go at programming my own.
      In contacting you I was trying to get it working quickly without turning it into another ‘project’

      As a matter of interest do you, in hindsight, have anything you would change with this DRO if you were doing it again?

      Also is the magnetic system holding up to workshop conditions?


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