Repair Projects

Antique Balance Scale Restoration – A beautiful antique balance scale restored from the trash heap

Bose L1 Tower PA Repair – Troubleshooting and fixing the notorious Bose L1 “Auxiliary Power Supply” failure

Emco Maximat V10P gearbox bearing replacement – A fairly laborious project to stop an annoying oil leak.

Philips 212 Turntable Gets a New Arduino Controller – An old classic Hi-Fi turntable from the 70s gets a new (better) life courtesy of Arduino

Recapping Can Capacitors in Antique Electronics – A method for restoring old hard-to-get “can” capacitors so they still look original

4×6 Bandsaw Upgrades – Improvements to the el cheapo Chinese 4×6 bandsaw, including new stand and new motor.

Minimus 7 Speaker Terminal Post and Crossover Upgrade – New crossover and upgrade from loose spring clips to binding posts for a classic budget mini-speaker.

9 thoughts on “Repair Projects

  1. I just got a Bose L1 model 1 that’s basically brand new…however appears to have common problem. No power. Great article! Beyond my capabilities. Any chance you want to take on another! I live in Washington so could easily ship unit.


  2. Bose L1 Model 1S i conect in 220v burning my power supply i look for dia diagramă all capacitor burning and transistor like hi voltage


    • You have likely done some major damage to the input power filter, aux supply, and power amp power supplies. The schematics are linked in my blog post. It may be repairable, but you’ll have to replace a LOT of parts. Good luck.


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