Harmonica Amplifier

This is a tube harmonica amp I built for my wife. It’s loosely modeled after an old Fender “Champ”. The circuit is a single-ended 6L6 design from Lone Wolf Blues: Lone Wolf Blues 6L6SE

The cabinetry and hardware became sort of an art project:IMG_1225

  • Natural finish pine box-jointed cabinet
  • CNC’d control panel with engine-turned “swirly” pattern
  • Volume dial goes to “11” (of course)
  • Art deco grill cloth
  • Heart shaped icon over pilot light
  • Engine turned label inlay on back panel
Finished the cabinet first. I did the box joints on my milling machine – not the right tool for the job, but it’s what I have. Cutting box joints this way is very slow, but results are certainly precise.


Ready to wire up with the posts all swaged in.




A bit anal about my wiring, but it *does* look cool.


Engine-turned switch panel and knobs that go to “11”…..of course. Lettering was CNC engraved and filled with paint. The heart shaped graphic over the pilot light was much appreciated by my wife 🙂


Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Hence the engine-turned label panel in the back.
All done. Zenith radio restoration grill cloth for a nice art deco look.

One odd note about this amp is that my wife’s harmonica teacher said to mount the speaker baffle board to the cabinet, not with screws, but with…VELCRO, to get a more “buzzy” sound.

3 thoughts on “Harmonica Amplifier

  1. your work and knowledge are of excellent caliber. I have been a musician for 30 plus years as well a video tec for ABC as well as other tec jobs, a lot of trouble shooting but not on your level. A lot of jobs came to me that nobody wanted because of the danger or risk factor, lol ,jobs that could kill you. My specialty by need not choice is impeadence location and removal. As I just purchased an l1 myself I only had it a week and just left it on for an hour to find it off and dead? This is a do-able fix but I am looking at if the magic is a failure in longevity and how and where to modify ? ae big ac converter, supplemented by capasiter-s etc. As you shown this is a just a matter of reverse engineering to answer a dc stress or a low grade parts due magic of feedback? or more likely ohm manipulation possibly why Bose would not fix knowing this? Like it won’t matter if it’s the end of the world or something? right? I do not except the Audacity of hope for something man made… Any thoughts as I am for real in everything I state or claim and able to see like wise in your quality of profession. Thank you for your efforts to help others, excellent person


  2. PS a few musician friends like to turn amps with on e speaker with a high out put facing to the back wall ae a son of boogie 100 watt no channel switching as to emulate a bigger speaker or a baffled sound by allowing it to have more room to spread to a wider disbursement of a single speaker in live and jam situations. You might be way a head of environmental aspects to apply.?


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