A Better Mouse (and Rat) Trap…Seriously

Setting rodent traps in awkward areas like attics and crawl spaces is hard enough, but checking traps in those locations every few days gets tiring, to the point where maybe you skip a few days, then forget where the traps are. Then you get, “What’s that smell?”.

I want to be able to check traps frequently, but without crawling around, preferably from a comfortable chair while using my my smartphone. There are products on the market that feature remote monitoring, but they are extraordinarily expensive, and often only available through professional exterminators. Victor also sells a WiFi enabled rat zapper, but my experience with it was not good. At $60, the price is not out of line for a WiFi enabled device, but it didn’t actually catch any rats for me.

I’ve always had decent results with basic snap traps with the yellow paddle, as shown below. I find these easier to set than snap traps with the tiny metal catch. The perfect solution for remote monitoring would be this kind of trap, but with a wireless status flag. In today’s world of IOT devices, I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t already sold at Home Depot, but AFAICT, it’s not.

Low tech, but effective, snap trap
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